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Wilderness cabins

Get the true nature experience.

Wilderness cabins are mainly located to the Lappish wilderness areas. These cabins are suitable for people who enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors. Walking distances can be long from roads and the setting in the cabins is usually primitive. The cabins are not necessarily maintained after each visitor and the heating is taken care by the customer themselves. Please note, that even the cabins that are suitable for staying around the year are not preheated in the winter either.

To enjoy your wilderness experience even more, we have everyman’s rights in Finland. It allows you to pick berries and mushrooms without the need to ask a permission from a landowner. You can also with basic fishing rod and use worm as a bate. For more professional fishing, there are regional licenses that are easy to purchase f.e. from local shops. Ask more advice when renting a cottage.

Find your dream wilderness cabin from our varied selection!