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Lakeside cottages

Finland is a lovely country offering plenty of unpolluted natural areas and lakes. Most of our cottages are located to rural areas. You might see cows and hear farmers driving their tractors. You might also not hear anything. The further into rural areas you go, the less you have any other sounds than those nature offers. Particularly in Northern Finland, distances are long - it is well known that there are more reindeer in North than humans!

You can search cottages by location, equipment standard, lake shore location, or hobby opportunities. To make choosing even easier, several colour photos of each cottage are displayed. We have so called every man's rights in Finland. In practise it means that you can go berry or mushroom picking in the forests without a need to ask permission from the landowner. You can also go fishing with ordinary fishing rod using worm as a bate.

All our holiday locations are quality rated, making it easy to select the place answering your requirements

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