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If Cancellation Insurance – only at Lomarengas

If Cancellation Insurance is included in the rental price of holiday destinations in Finland rented from Lomarengas as of 9 May 2017.

Claim form

The customer applies for compensation from If using the electronic claim form. A medical certificate, a confirmation/invoice from the holiday ring and receipts for payments made must be presented in order to receive reimbursement.

CLick here to fill a claim form
Terms and conditions

Want to check up on the details? See the terms and conditions of If Cancellation Insurance here.

See Terms and Conditions here
General info

If Cancellation Insurance is a cover for unused holiday destinations. Read more here.

Read more here

Compensation is paid if the rented holiday home is not used for the following reasons:

1) Death, serious injury or serious, unexpected and sudden illness of a close relative of the insured or insured person, which prevents the use of the holiday home. The insured person must show a medical certificate. 

2) Any other obstacles caused by the coronavirus (quarantine, flight cancellation) are not compensable insurance events.

The insurance is granted by If P&C Insurance Company Ltd. The people on the way to the destination and holidaying in the destination are covered by the insurance. According to its terms and conditions, the If Cancellation Insurance covers potential cancellations and suspensions in the event of the client's or their next-of-kin's sudden onset of illness, accident or death which unavoidably prevents departure for the holiday or causes a suspension.

 The client will send to If an electronic claim for compensation (available in Finnish and English). The prerequisite for compensation is that the client produces a doctor's certificate, confirmation/invoice from Lomarengas and a receipt for completed payments. In the event of compensation, the rental price will be refunded (including departure cleaning, bed linen charge and delivery fee). The price will be compensated if the holiday destination is left unused or its use is suspended for the reasons stated in the terms and conditions of the insurance.

 If Cancellation Insurance is valid for a holiday cottage or apartment specified while renting a holiday destination. The insurance coverage shall begin 28 days before the start of the lease and end when the lease ends. If the cancellation is made more than 28 days before the start of the lease, the cancellation compensation shall be paid in accordance with the terms of booking of Lomarengas.

PLEASE NOTE!  If the booking is cancelled for the aforementioned reasons, the cancellation must always be made to Lomarengas in writing (letter, fax, e-mail). The owner or caretaker or the destination must always be informed of any cancellation made outside office hours. If the booking is suspended for the aforementioned reasons, the owner or caretaker of the destination must always be informed of the suspension, and Lomarengas must be informed in writing (letter, fax, e-mail).