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Would you like to rent your cottage?

Rent your cottage through Lomarengas' portal.

Rent your cottage through Lomarengas' portal.

Renting your cottage via Lomarengas

Please contact one of our experts. Together, we can plan how to optimise the marketing of your holiday destination to the domestic and international customers of Lomarengas.

Get in touch – contacting us binds you in no way. We will submit a proposal on how to proceed and on how to launch cooperation with Lomarengas. All of your information will be handled in strict confidence and any decisions regarding follow-up action will be made by you!

We are looking forward to hear from you!

Lomarengas Oy
+358 306 502 502

Why Lomarengas? 5 reasons

We are a reliable Finnish partner

We are close at hand, leading the market with over 50 years of experience and helping you to serve international customers aas well.

We have customers for you all year round

We will assess your cottage or apartment during a personal visit. We will help you determine the price and take photos of the property for you. Your cottage will be listed on the most comprehensive website in Finland, with almost 60.000 website visitors a week.

Joining the service is free

The service fee is charged only for the completed cottage bookings and Lomarengas does not charge you for any other costs. No reservations, no fees. You get free photography, quality rating and our ongoing support to help you with your rental.

We offer the owner ease of everyday life

You don't have to worry about invoicing, sending or tracking payments yourself. You can easily keep track of your cottage's booking status and customer information with the owners OMAliittymä tool.

A wide network of partners

No need to make separate declarations and update the same information and reservations in multiple places. With us, you can get your cottage listed on numerous sites such as, Interhome, Tripadvisor, Homeaway and